Aung San of Burma

Address delivered at the meeting of East and West Association held on August 29, 1945, at the City Hall of Rangoon
Presidential address delivered to the first Congress of AFPFL, January 20, 1946
Address delivered at the second session of the Supreme Council of AFPFL, on May 16, 1946
Address of welcome delivered at the reception given in honour of Mr. Sarat Bose, a member of the Working Committee of the Indian National Congress, at the City Hall of Rangoon on July 24, 1946
Presidential address at the AFPFL Supreme Council Session, August, 1946
Address delivered at a meeting of the Anglo-Burman Council, at the City Hall, Rangoon, on December 8, 1946
Address made by Hon'ble U Aung San, Deputy Chairman, Counsellor to the Governor of Burma and Deputy President of the Burma Executive Council at the Memorial Ceremony for the men who died in captivity at work on the Burma- Siam railway (1942-45) held at Thanbyusayat, Burma on December 18, 1946
A broadcast speech made by Bogyoke Aung San from All-India Radio, New Delhi, on January 5, 1947
Speech delivered at the luncheon party given in honour of the Siamese delegation at the Orient Club, Rangoon, on April 17, 1947