Aung San of Burma

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Aung San, U (c. 1916-1947), Burmese nationalist leader and hero of Burma's independence struggle. Together with U Nu, he led the so-called Thakin student movement in the 1930s and was briefly jailed by the British for that reason. He fled to Japan in 1940, returning with the invading Japanese at the head of the Burma Independence Army (BIA) in 1941. He later served as minister of defence in the puppet government headed by Ba Maw. Disillusioned with Japan, U Aung handed the BIA over to the Allies in 1945. Having founded the Anti-Fascist People's League, he emerged after the war as de facto prime minister of British Burma. He negotiated the agreement that won Burma its independence in 1948 but was assassinated before that agreement could be implemented.

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i. Incorrect year of birth, and

ii. Bogyoke Aung San was never jailed by the British government.